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The Benefits of using Adviceline


With our service you can speak with our solicitor from the comfort of your own home (perhaps over a coffee) in surroundings that are comfortable to you and at a time that is suitable to you.

With our service you do not need an appointment, or to travel to a ‘clinical’ office – and you save on time and cost.

With our service you can stop wasting time scrolling through pages of internet legal sites – they give basic ‘topic information’ – they do not give specific answers to specific problems.

They DO NOT give advice!

With our service you get immediate ‘advice’ – advice about your problem – tailored to your needs.

With our service you do not have to travel or sit in front of someone on a face-to-face basis and because the call is confidential you do not need to tell us who you are or where you are – you can simply discuss your problem or issue and seek answers to questions – on your terms and from a place where you feel comfortable.

With our service you do not get a bill for £hundreds.  Whenever you need legal advice Cost is a major factor. Legal aid is all but non-existent and Solicitors charge anything from £180.00 per hour upwards – and you don’t just pay for the time you sit in front of them you pay for the follow-up letter setting out the advice they have given you and the standard client-care letter telling you about their services, procedures and charges should you continue with them. Thus, even a relatively short consultation can cost a substantial amount of money and that’s before they do any real work for you.

For that reason many people choose to do it themselves and why not? particularly in England and Wales where the court system is relatively user-friendly and geared to persons acting on their own. BUT you still need to know where to start and how to approach dealing with your issue! You need advice and guidance, whether there are court proceedings or not. That is where our service comes in. 

We can give you that advice and guidance, and talk you through the steps.

So, the major benefit of our service is that for £1.50 per minute (i.e. £30 for a 20 minute call - less than ½ the cost of visiting a solicitor’s office) you can get the advice you need direct from our solicitor, from the comfort of your own home. With us you pay for the advice you receive through the call and nothing more – there are no other charges for that advice. 

With our service you get to know the facts about your issue and how to deal with it.


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