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Personal Statement


I became a solicitor following a flying career with the RAF Search and Rescue helicopter service.

From the outset my objective was to help people. For a number of years I ran a Saturday Law Clinic helping and advising people with legal problems when they couldn’t get help from the system.

That is what this service is about – helping people.

Can I say from the outset, I don’t have a magic wand and I do not claim to be able to solve a problem on just a phone call – but what people tell me is that the advice I give is invaluable in helping them understand the detail of the problem and to move it forward, and most importantly, that by stopping the immediate panic which frequently occurs with a legal or financial problem they get some peace of mind.

When you contact me with a problem I make sure that you understand exactly what the issues of the problem are – and cut through the legal jargon and gobbledegook to get down to the nitty-gritty of the issue. I always try to put myself in Your position - consider your situation and the angles before advising you.

What I look to do is explore the problem with you, taking on board not only the immediate issue but the background and your personal situation in respect of the problem, so that together we can consider all the practical angles along with the legal issues to find what the various options are or that might be available to you - I don't consider it enough to simply give ‘legal information’ on a point of law - I look to provide practical advice and assistance.

I became a lawyer because some 20 years ago I went, on recommendation, to a well respected solicitor who didn’t understand or know about the specifics of consumer law, who talked over my head and whose advice (which I followed to my cost) was wrong. I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to ensure that the public get a better service than I got!!

And I haven’t forgotten that I am still a member of the public – and I don’t forget that when I put my ‘lawyer’s cap’ on.

I am often asked why I do not simply post advice in articles on the internet or give advice by email. My answer is simple – if you want a ‘stock answer’ to a ‘stock question’ then I can give you one - but in 99% of cases it will not help the situation because your ‘legal problem’ is just that – “a problem”! It needs to be analysed and looked at from your perspective and particular circumstances and in terms which help you – not as 'black and white textbook law'.

I know from what my customers tell me that when we have a legal problem we need re-assurance that our world isn’t collapsing under us and that if we put it into perspective we can analyse and consider our options coolly and calmly – and because that is what my customers tell me I ensure that what I offer you is far more than simply, “legal advice” – but rather, a fully reasoned and detailed analysis of your situation and options available to YOU.

As I began by saying, I don’t have a magic wand but I know from the feedback I receive daily that the advice I give helps! And therefore, I can promise that if it doesn’t, if you do not find this service useful towards understanding and dealing with the problem, we’ll refund the cost of the call. I cannot be fairer than that.


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