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What We Do

Adviceline is a unique legal help service designed to provide independent and personal legal services:


Telephone Advice and Document Advice

Whatever the problem we will help you in every way we can to provide you with a solution. We may not be able to solve your problem but we will assist you to analyse it and provide you with a direction towards solving it. That may be help with letters, court papers or other documents or perhaps putting you in touch with a firm of solicitors in your area or an organisation specialising in your type of problem who can assist. What we promise is that we will do our best to guide you towards that solution.


Why telephone?

The best advice is without a doubt ‘live communication’ – either face-to-face or over the phone. The reason is simple – whatever the question there is a background to it - and without the specific information that you know about your problem the answer to any question is likely to be unreliable.

Our solicitor has been advising face-to face and over the phone for 20 years. He knows what information he needs from you so as to give you the best advice - and to do that he needs you to explain the problem.

There is no better way forward than to ‘talk about it’.

The advice he will give is the advice you need for your problem and the feedback we get from our customers is that they get more out of a conversation than an email or text.

We listen and advise - that’s what makes our service personal and special

Just pick up the phone and call us – we will help!

0906 122 33 28

20mins advice for ONLY £30.00*

calls charged at £1.53pm - max £30.00 (BT rates*)

(charged by the minute - pay only for time used)


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