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Telephone Support

Our telephone advice service provides the facility for anyone to telephone the service direct and obtain confidential legal advice (anonymously, if preferred - by paying on-line) from our Solicitor by way of a telephone discussion on any issue of Law, including:

Consumer, Contract, Employment, Family and Property (the most popular areas).

The unique aspect of this service is that our Solicitor has knowledge of the Laws of both England/Wales and Scotland and can therefore advise on issues regardless of location and deal with issues or that arise (as they frequently do) between parties who are ‘cross-border’.

We are open to discussion and approach on any issue and if we are not able to assist or the issue falls outwith the scope of our experience or expertise we will, where possible, recommend a Solicitor or firm who may be able to assist.

This advice is paid for by credit/debit card, either on-line or over the phone, at a fixed rate to an agreed price, thus enabling you to control the amount you spend. There are no limits to the length  of the call (you determine the length) or the extent of the advice you can request.

This means that for as little as £30* you can have the benefit of a 20 minute discussion with our lawyer to talk through the problem/issue, by the end of which you should have some indication of how to deal with the problem - options as to how to proceed, likely outcomes/costs etc and a direction so as to progress the matter. There are no other charges.

This service is therefore, immediate, convenient and cheaper than dealing with a Solicitor’s Practice.

Call us for advice - 0906 122 33 28

calls charged at £1.53pm - max £30.00 (BT rates*)

Every call is answered by our Solicitor personally

If you cannot get through straight away it is probably because the solicitor is speaking with someone else. Wait a short while and keep trying. The call the solicitor is dealing with may take a little time – so please be patient – that caller could be you.

We are not a Call Centre. We do not put you on hold.

Remember, when you do get through, the Solicitor will answer.

Whatever your issue, whatever your problem,

he will help!

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