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Other Advice

If you need to obtain advice or help of a nature other than basic telephone advice.

We can help!

If you need assistance with documents (either an explanation or assistance in drafting)

We can help with those documents

This may involve simply explaining the contents of a legal document or drafting a letter for you, or preparing an Agreement or other document.

We assist with drafting Court documents whether bringing or defending proceedings through the Courts in circumstances where legal representation is either not possible or not prudent.

This might be litigating under the Small Claims Procedure; under the Consumer Protection or Credit legislation; or bringing an action against a Contractor in a work situation; or other types of disputes.

On Family matters we can assist in drafting documents such as Divorce Petition or Separation Agreement where the arrangement is amicable and agreed.

Or it may be assistance in drafting a Will or a document setting out an Agreement with another person.

All work is undertaken on a Commission basis at an agreed rate/price

No hidden charges!

Usually, the rate is £1.50 per minute of work done (rounded down to the nearest 5 minutes) or, at an agreed ‘fixed rate’. We do not make any other charges!

There are limitations to this service, as with any. In this case we are not able to accept instruction to ‘act on behalf of’ or ‘represent’ in proceedings as these services are reserved to ‘solicitors practices’. However, we can and have on several occasions assisted and guided both Individuals and Companies to prepare cases for Court and to represent themselves successfully – including both bringing and defending Actions.

For initial advice and assistance call us now on

0906 122 33 28

calls charged at £1.53pm-max £30.00 (BT rates)

We can help!

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