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It isn’t so much what the law is, that causes the difficulty but rather how it applies to your situation and rarely will you come across information or advice that deals with your specific circumstances. Even if you do find relevant advice, how do you know it is correct or from a reliable source? There are many internet users who are quick to impart their ‘knowledge and advice’ to others, however wrong it might be.

We give independent legal ‘advice’ – not simply, information

The reason why bona fide legal advisors do not publish ‘advice’ but rather, general information is because every situation and case is different and whilst on occasions the advice to one person may be the same as to another, it is not the case that ‘one size fits all’ – in law it doesn’t. What’s more, the practical way of dealing with a particular situation is likely to be different for different people and that’s what ‘advice’ is – the best way for you to deal with your problem.

We will help you deal with your problem

Many people do their own research – seek information from the internet from the many sites offering ‘legal advice’. There is indeed much information on legal issues on the internet but it is surprising how many people find that having spent hours trailing through these sites they do not have any more idea of how to deal with their problem than when they started, or the information available doesn’t relate to their specific issue. One of the main reasons for this is that the information and advice available on the internet is ‘general information’ on a “topic”, when what individuals really need is a specific solution to and guidance with their particular circumstances!

We will give you specific guidance with your issue

Pick up the phone and call us - We will help!

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20mins advice for ONLY £30.00*

calls charged at £1.53pm - max £30.00 (BT rates*)

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