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Our Policy

To explain the Law and how it applies to your situation in a straight-forward, non-jargon manner so that you can understand the legal issues and the likely effect of the law and potential outcomes.

Information on the internet is unreliable even from bona fide sites because it is ‘general advice’. The best comes from lawyers and law firms but for you to get the best advice from them for your issue you have to contact them - and therefore, either that takes you back to the conveyor-belt system of the solicitor’s office and the Costs involved, or you contact an Advice Service.

Our Advice Service is run by a Solicitor who will explain what the law is, how it applies to your issue and give you best advice for your situation. 

We give clear and precise no nonsense advice in plain English – no jargon

There are other organisations that offer advice, either by telephone or a written advice to a written question at a set fee. The problem with the written advice is that the advice is only as reliable as the basis of information contained in the question – and it invariably prompts another question and another fee. There can be no question that the best advice is by way of direct communication – either face-to-face or by telephone. We will give you that ‘best advice’ in a way that you will understand and can act upon.

There are now several organisations which offer on-line and/or telephone advice and because such advice should be given only by qualified persons then in the main these services should be reliable.

Different organisations charge in different ways, some require a fixed up-front fee, others, like ourselves provide for payment by telephone. We do not require you to make any payment to us for telephone advice. If we give advice by email we will ask for payment either by Paypal (preferreable) or by debit/credit card.

We do not keep any record of your card details or any record of any personal data which you may have provided to us whilst using our service.

We do not request personal or financial information from you

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied that our advice was the ‘best advice’ at the time then we will refund the cost of the call at the published charge rates or any fees which we have charged for non-telephone services.

'Adviceline' has been operating since the spring of 2005 and has helped hundreds of individuals from all parts of the UK resolve whole ranges of legal issues.  

The most common feedback we hear is that our service is convenient and easy to use and many of our customers use us again and again because they can act on our advice. 

Paul Barton                                                                                                             Solicitor

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