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Consumer Law

Consumer law covers any situation where an individual has dealings with a business. Most commonly this will be when buying a product or service. Consumer laws are in place to protect your rights.

What our customers tell us is that they need advice and assistance when things go wrong, and yet there is little help out there for them. We try to make a difference.

We provide a clear and concise explanation of what your rights are.

More importantly,

We show you how you can exercise your rights – and we help you to do it.

Take Mr Turnell below . . .

Case Study - Mr. Turnell


A fault in his vehicle showed up over 6 months after he bought it.


The Seller said - "Not our problem".

The finance company said - "Tough! It has been over 6 months, so your rights are lost".

We said, "Wrong." It was an inherent defect, and both were liable.

Solicitor firms that Mr Turnell approached wanted money up front to even advise him.

We offered him consumer legal advice, and said, "We'll help you do it!"

Mr Turnell took both the seller and the finance company to court - they settled just before the hearing!

See Mr Turnell's story in our testimonials.

Case Study - Mr. Bettinson

Mr Bettinson, along with others, was investing money in an off-the-plan property. The broker agreed to hold the deposit monies until exchange, but when the deal was called off he claimed that he was owed commission and took the deposit monies in lieu.

Again, firms of solicitors wanted money up front before providing legal advice.

Mr B. trawled the internet for help, but consumer law can be complex, and advice can be difficult to find. He found us and our consumer helpline.

We advised him that there was a breach of trust. We helped him to take action.

Mr Bettinson won back his money!

See his story in our testimonials.

If you have a problem, phone us! Our professional team will provide all the consumer law help you need!

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