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Family Law

Whenever a relationship breaks down, be it a marriage or a partnership, it causes stress, anxiety and a concern as to the future. At these times, you want to know what to do, what your rights are and how to move forward.

Are there legal implications? Do we have to do anything? What rights do I have? What we do is listen, explain and advise.

You will want to know about the house: who has the right to stay in it? Can you sell it? What if one of you doesn't want to?

What about money? What about the children?

There are many questions.

We offer specialist family law advice. Call us now and we will help you find an effective solution for your problem.

Each person's situation is different. No two sets of circumstances are the same.

Our family law service is designed to help you deal with your personal circumstances.


Case Studies

J discovered her husband was having another relationship. He decided to leave her and the children with the burdens of the mortgage and bills - what could she do?

We explained her rights and helped her understand what she needed to do and how to do it, enabling her to focus, prioritise, move forward and work to her best interests.

S was in a violent marriage. Her husband told her it was his house, he paid the mortgage and bills, and she owned nothing - he wanted her out of the house by the weekend.

We showed her how she could utilise the protection given to her by the law to stop the abuse and keep her right to occupy the house.

D had lived with her partner in his house for several years. They had 2 children. She had put money into the family home but he paid the mortgage and the bills. He now wanted her to leave - she wondered if she had any rights.

We explained to her the situation for unmarried persons and what rights she could seek to claim due to the length of the relationship and the needs of the children.


Call us today for reliable family law advice.

With our family law service, you can speak to a professional, friendly solicitor, who will offer you expert legal advice, putting your mind at ease.

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