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Pauline Dixon (April 2019)

During 2018 I found myself in a position of requiring expert legal advice and assistance to defend a court action. I contacted Paul Barton of Adviceline following a recommendation.

Upon initially contacting Paul by email I received a speedy response. I was provided with a straightforward outline of the options available to me regarding defending the case and counterclaiming my own losses.

Throughout the events leading up to a small claims Court Hearing in April 2019, my experience was that I received the best legal advice and guidance possible. 

Furthermore, knowing I was feeling vulnerable and hugely outside my comfort zone with the case, on a number of occasions Paul 'went the extra mile' with much needed reassurances and support.

I am so very grateful to Paul for all his skilled assistance and guidance during a most difficult experience which concluded with a positive outcome for me.

Thank you again Paul.

Janice Ashcroft (April 2014)

Employment Tribunal Claim - Thank you Paul for your advice and guidance in a very stressful time for myself and my two colleagues.  You were always available for support and no query went unanswered.  It was reassuring to have an expert on hand to guide us through our tribunal process  which was complex and confusing at times.  Your knowledge and  experience resulted in a most positive outcome for the three of us, which we are sure would not have come about without your assistance.  Your fee was most reasonable, far less than local solicitors.  Once again,  many thanks.


Viceroy Ventures Ltd (January 2014)

I was lucky to stumble across Adviceline during a web search. Paul has been flexible and accommodating towards my needs as a small business. He's been a pleasure to work with and I have a lot of confidence in the advice provided. Highly recommended.

Rob Jones


Mr Gareth Hess (November 2013)

I needed quick and clear advice on a family law matter that was relevant to my particular case not just a "legal advisor" reading off a script and in 16 minutes I had got just what I needed I was listened to and asked relevant questions and given clear advice not only on the immediate issue but on things that I had not considered but needed to. With legal aid gone now and need to self-represent this represents unbelieveable value can't rate more highly.

Mr Luke Skinner-collins - Krates Ltd (January 2013)

I needed a simple payment contract, I tried to make one myself and even shopped around but it all seemed far to complicated and costly for what I wanted. eventually I found Paul Barton and got exactly what I needed, at a price I was happy with.

Great service, great price, great product.

Mr Sean Kerr (January 2013)

Dear Paul

Just wanted to say thank you again subsequent to our conversation earlier today - very straightforward to get the meat of what I was trying to find out, informative, and extremely reasonable cost.

On the last occasion I needed legal advice I went to a high street solicitor in my town and ended up with the wrong information and a hefty bill for my trouble.

You set the example for what ordinary people's experience of getting this kind of help should be.  Thank you.

Sean Kerr

Mr Mence

Dear Paul

I just wanted to say thank you for the advice you gave me regarding my divorce. 

When I received the first letter some 18 months ago that my then wife was filing for divorce I was completely shell shocked and like a rabbit in the headlights on a very dark night.  An emotional wreck and frightened at the thought of losing everything I had worked so hard for, my children, my home and my business. Your advice during our many telephone conversations helped me to maintain an even state of mind and helped me see the wood from the trees.

You were my first port of call and your advice helped me to get through a potentially messy divorce and reach a reasonable outcome for all involved and helped it to be less painful than it could have been.

From the first call you were kind and reassuring and  told me not to panic and said that it wasn't a foregone conclusion that I would lose everything and your advice helped me to avoid pitfalls and I will be forever grateful and would highly recommend you.

You advised me that there is another way to handle these situations without being bamboozled by latin-spouting legal representatives only concerned with making money out of peoples’ misery at a very emotional and scary time.  My ex wife and I have come through this divorce having both essentially got what we sought to have at the end of it without huge legal costs.

I still have my home and my business, my ex wife and children have a fantastic new home and we are all still very amicable.  And our misery did not fund some solicitor’s annual vacation to Aspen.

You emailed me a recording of our first conversation and I have listened to this many times throughout the divorce and it provided me with valuable information at each stage of the process.

When the decree absolute was issued I listened to our first conversation again and I have to say, some 18 months on, you were absolutely spot on with all you said.  I cannot thank you enough.  

Best Wishes
Kevin Mence


Mr Turnell

"A Car which developed a serious default following sale became the subject of a 2 Year fight with the Seller and finance company who both basically denied all responsibility. 

After scouring the Internet, I got lucky. I was able to hold a straight-talking conversation there and then with the solicitor from Adviceline who told it as it was – which was all I needed.

No Silly Fees, indeed the Cost was largely controlled by me, which was the biggest consideration and worry I had when preparing to fight the ‘Big Boys’.

Adviceline was with me throughout the 2 Years, unflinching, straight talking, and most importantly – re-assuring. My trust in them was Total and that was vindicated in the fact that I won.

When ordinary people find themselves in a dispute which threatens to go legal, they are in the unknown and as such, need someone who cares . 

I would recommend Adviceline to anybody."

Paul Turnell


Mr Bettinson

"I had been cheated of money in a complex situation and needed advice. I tried a couple of on-line solicitors where you pay  to register and they respond to queries by email but this proved fruitless, the advice being scant and too general for my situation.

I came across Adviceline, called them and received immediate advice with an appraisal of my situation and an expert's opinion of my chances of success. Subsequently they prepared all of the paperwork required by the court, which can be quite daunting. The end result at court was a resounding judgement in my favour.

Adviceline kept in contact and readily assisted me to tie up a couple of "loose ends" after the hearing. I found them approachable and friendly and they gladly did re-work when the court's own procedures had gone wrong.

I thoroughly recommend them."

John Bettinson


Mr Cretney

"A franchise company I was working with let me down very badly and terminated my contract with no warning. Very shocked by their attitude and the way I'd been mistreated I was able to speak to a solicitor within an hour of the situation presenting itself by simply picking up the phone and talking with Adviceline.

At a moment of great worry I was able to get a clear few of my specific legal rights, immediately.

I didn't have an anxious wait for a solicitor’s appointment or have to worry about an outstanding solicitor’s fee, the cost of the call being charged to my next telephone bill.

Adviceline continued to help me with my claim and some months late I received a substantial compensatory payment and an apology from the company concerned.

Based on my own experiences I would recommend Adviceline for anybody needing an immediate professional legal opinion, about all matters."

Ray Cretney

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