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Terms of Use

Adviceline is a legal advice service providing oral (by telephone) and documentary legal advice to consumers, traders and small businesses. The purpose of this service is to assist and empower the general public to understand and exercise their legal rights and where appropriate to assist the public in self-representation in litigation.
The advice provided by this service will always be provided by a solicitor holding a valid Practising Certificate and who is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The advice is provided in accordance with the rules of confidentiality (see privacy statement) and is supported by a policy of professional indemnity insurance.
  • 'Adviceline' is the trading name of Paul Barton Solicitor who operates this service in conjunction with:
  • Adviceline (LegalHelp) Ltd who's Registered Office is: 2nd floor 5 High Street, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 3BY; and
  • Adviceline Ltd who’s registered office is: 6 Bedford Road, Barton le Clay, Bedfordshire MK45 4JU
  • You – means the natural person accessing this site and with whom we engage in communication and with whom we agree to provide advice. [In the event that you act as agent for or deal on behalf of an incorporated entity you warrant that you have the authority to bind that corporate body.]
You agree and understand that any advice provided by this service is reliant upon the reliability and accuracy of the information which you supply to us and thus where the information you have supplied is not reliable, accurate or fully detailed the associated advice may not be reliable. You also understand that where advice upon documents which we have not seen is involved then our advice is based upon the information relayed by you of the document form and content. In such circumstances we will give best advice but you understand that it would also be prudent to seek face to face advice and/or a 2nd opinion.
Where advice is sought for the benefit of a 3rd party the service cannot provide any guarantees or warranties that any action of the 3rd party in reliance upon that advice will be covered by the indemnity insurance and all persons should always seek advice for themselves before taking any action which may have legal or financial consequences.
Where we assist with drafting or assisting you in compiling documents that assistance is provided on the strict basis that the information used to create the document comes from you and thus you are responsible for it and the subsequent use of those documents is entirely your responsibility or the responsibility of any person acting as your agent or for whom you act as agent. If we assist you in court proceedings we cannot guarantee or predict the outcome and we have no responsibility for that outcome or any costs or liability you may incur in or resulting from that litigation.
By requesting that the advice be given or work undertaken you promise to make payment for the advice and/or the work at the agreed time and rate. If payment is not received (ie a payment is dishonoured) we reserve the right to charge interest at a rate of 5% per month on the sum due from the date payment is due until payment is made unless payment has been refunded or withdrawn under any regulatory premise or policy. You are not committed to make any payment until you specifically indicate (orally or electronically) that you wish to proceed with the advice or work.
In using this service you are agreeing and acknowledging that advice given during telephone calls may be recorded for your own protection and for compliance with insurance requirements by ensuring that the advice is covered by our professional indemnity insurance.These recordings are retained by the telecommunications company in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.
We endeavour to provide advice to all customers within the same day the advice is sought. Where advice is sought by telephone we will endeavour to provide that service within one hour albeit at busy times a caller may have to wait more than one hour to speak with the solicitor. Where the advice is requested to be written advice that advice will usually be supplied within two working days unless there is some occurrence or event which results in delay. Where documents are to be prepared and/or drafted the time for such will be agreed at the time of instruction.
Price and Payment: - The price for our services will normally be subject to our published tariff. Telephone advice will be either at the published rate per minute (inclusive of vat and as amended by regulation). Written advice will be priced either at a fixed rate (the tariff rate for tariff advice and documents) or at an agreed rate commensurate with the type of work and the nature of the matter (eg. Commercial rate for commercial work). If applicable, vat will be added.
We agree to be bound by and comply with any Seller Protection Policy applicable to payment by you of monies paid for our advice or other service.
Complaints: - We treat complaints very seriously and will deal with every complaint fully. We will require you at first instance to write to us at our registered office with or regarding the complaint within 3 months of the complaint coming to light (and within 1 year in any event). We will investigate any complaint within 10 working days and in the event that we consider there is any merit in the complaint we will deal with it expeditiously. If we consider that the complaint is not valid we will tell you and you will have the right to refer the complaint to the ‘payments mediator/arbitrator’ and we will abide by his decision and provide a full refund with 7 working days if so required.
If the complaint relates to an issue of advice which has resulted in financial loss that complaint will be referred to the indemnity insurers and/or where appropriate to the Solicitor’s regulatory authority.
You agree that (except in cases of negligent advice and acceptance by the indemnity insurer of a complaint) the limit of Adviceline’s liability to you is the full price paid for the advice and/or work.
Warranty - In the event that we provide advice which is incorrect and in circumstances whereby we could reasonably be expected to know (or ought to know) that the advice was incorrect then we will refer any loss incurred as a direct result of reliance upon that advice to our indemnity insurers as a claim and make available to you and the insurer a copy of the recording of the conversation (where the advice was given orally) and/or a copy of any written advice to enable the insurer to establish whether we have given the wrong advice or have been negligent. In the event that the advice was ‘qualified’ advice or we recommended taking other advice because of the nature of the problem or query and you have not followed or satisfied that qualification then the insurer may reject any claim.
Disclaimer: - The information included on this site is provided in good faith and nothing herein binds Adviceline to any commitment which is not expressly (or implied in law) incorporated into the agreement to provide advice, such agreement being made when you request advice and agree to make payment for that advice. Where information is provided by a third party we cannot warrant its correctness or reliability. Any links to other sites are provided in good faith and are used at your own risk. We do not warrant the services those sites provide. Adviceline believes, to the best of its knowledge that no copyright trademarks or other intellectual property rights have been breached within this site but in the event of any such breach it will rectify that breach upon proper notice and proof of breach but accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred by such a breach.
We reserve the right to amend the terms of use from time to time. The terms of use applicable to any agreement are those displayed on the date the agreement/request for advice is made.

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