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Privacy Policy

Adviceline is committed to the protection of information and the right of confidentiality.
This privacy policy sets out the circumstances whereby information provided by you may be collected, stored, shared and used and how that information is protected.
Collection Use and Security of Information
Collection:  We may collect such information as we may or require to be provided for the purpose of providing advice. In so far as is practicable we will not seek personal or financial information about you or any third party. This may be collected either from documents created by you and transmitted to us electronically (by email), or by post or provided to us orally within telephone advice.
Usage:       This information will be used only for the purpose of providing advice.
Security:    This information is confidential and is subject to the solicitor/client rule of confidentiality. Documented information is retained and call recordings are stored for the event of further advice and/or for insurance purposes and continues to be subject to the confidentiality rule and will be stored securely and only for the period necessary to provide you with the service and/or for the period required by our indemnity insurance provider.
Disclosure of Information
We will not disclose any confidential information to any third party whatsoever except with your express permission or where required to do so under a court order or some mechanism or application of law.
For the purpose of processing credit / debit card payments our 3rd party payment gateway partner will ask for details required for the processing of payments online. These details will be subject to their privacy and protection provisions and policies which states: "we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties".
We do not use cookies or tracking information. We do not collect information electronically save that provided by you (in emails or other electronically transmitted documents created by you) for advice purposes (as set out above).
Our third party payment gateway partner may use such electronic mechanisms as part of its process and if so such then the security for such will be provided through its own privacy policy.
Website Links
We may place links onto our website to assist you with finding other services or information of interest. The use of these links will take you from the Adviceline website to other sites which are not controlled or have any connection to Adviceline. Thus, if you choose to use these links we cannot be responsible for the content of any such site or the information or services provided by such sites. They do not form part of our business and we have no control over their protection and privacy procedures and thus they are not subject to this privacy policy.
Other information
We may request from you from time to time such other information (which does not form part of the information required for advice purposes) as you may agree to provide to assist us in streamlining and expanding the services we offer, including feedback upon our service. Once utilised, we will destroy that information.
We may also request that you provide us with testimonials or other such statements which we may use to promote our services. If you agree to provide such statements we will only use them to the extent of your agreement and will not use personal information other than your name and town of origin and only then with your express permission. .
Contact and Marketing
We do not and will not 'cold-call' any person at any time to sell or promote our services. We give advice to those who request it but do not telephone or contact any individual direct to seek their business (other than requested call-backs left by a caller when the solicitor is engaged).
We do conduct bona-fide general marketing and advertising campaigns to raise awareness and knowledge of our services.


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